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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines in Los Banos


Just wanted to share a quick notice with you on how the Valentines Dinner went here in L.B (no not long beach). Everyone had an exceptional time and trying to put together a 4 course meal is the pits ha ha cause it takes a lot of coordinating. Linda did an excellent job and it could not have come together without the service of our singles. I want to thank Jon, Greg, Miranda, Katrina & Stephanie for their grateful hearts to serve the Married folks of our fellowship. Here are just a couple of pics to get an idea of the evening.

Our Singles gave of their Night to bless the Marriage Ministry
Great Fellowship
The Serrano's Jim & Tina
Linda & I are so blessed to be able to serve here with these folks and to share the Love of Jesus with them they are precious in His sight and ours.

blessings Al

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