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Friday, February 18, 2011

"Change is Healthy"

I was looking back on some photos of the Fellowship back in the day when it was called "Calvary Chapel Fellowship." A lot has changed since those days. The place we meet, the people who have came and went and to some degree the way we do Ministry. Times change, People change, it is a constant. The one thing I can actually say is that Calvary Chapel Los Banos is still the same in regards to its message. It always has and will always be about Jesus. I am so blessed to be a part of a Fellowship that reflects the Love of Christ no matter what.

Its easy to be duped & deceived in regards to checking your spiritual temperature in thinking things are going good. It is a foolish man who never asks the Lord as David did "Lord see if there be any wicked way in me....." It is an even bigger fool to not listen to the Nathan's that the Lord puts in our paths.

As we move into what I believe will be a new season in the life of this Fellowship we look forward to serving with all of those precious saints who have come along side us to continue to get the gospel out to this community. We don't concern ourselves with experiential phenomenon and all the fluff that has a tendency to linger and loom over small communities like ours. We are just interested in people falling in love with Jesus.

Our battle is not with flesh & blood but with the principalities of this air, so don't waste your time debating it. Seek Jesus and as you do we pray our paths cross for some great Fellowship!
A view of our first meeting room on Thursday Nights (our living room)
Sunday Morning set up ha ha
Check out the expensive video screen (foam insulation board $7.88 @ Home Depot)
Yes you see it 32 chairs

How I thank God for all the men the Lord brought who are no longer with us and am even more thankful to all those who are here now. As I look at this room I think of the 4 people who started with prayer and kept it every Sunday. And now to the 13-20 people who still come on Sunday Nights it is your Prayer Warrior mentality that keeps this Fellowship going. Stay strong, be of good courage & don't falter for you WILL receive a crown one day that you can lay at His feet.

Blessing's AL

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